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Carpet Cleaning NJ
Carpet Cleaning NJ
Carpet Cleaning NJ

We just wanted to thank you for considering us or your carpet and upholstery cleaning

We are very grateful for the success that we have experienced in the last 20 years. We know that we could not have been such a sucessful cleaning business without our dedicated employees and our loyal customers.

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Rich Moore, , Master Cleaner and owner of PowerPRo Carpet Cleaning.




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    I would like to take a moment to tell you about myself and my dedication to the industry of carpet cleaning. My name is Rich Moore and I am the owner of PowerPro Carpet Cleaning. I have been cleaning carpets and upholstery for over 22 years. I have owned 7 carpet cleaning franchises, I have sub-contracted for department stores, I have sub-contracted for several major carpet cleaning companies. I have been called to help as an expert in the field by several leading companies. I have cleaned over 2.5 million square feet of carpet, I have owned my own carpet cleaning company and have personally cleaned over 3880 homes and offices. I am 43 years old and I am married for 21 years to my beautiful wife Pamela (wow). I have 2 children: Daniel age 16 , Edward age 15.

    I have tried very hard to utilize the standard practices of today's carpet cleaning , In the past I have cleaned with steam cleaning, shampoo carpet cleaning, Host carpet cleaning, Capture carpet cleaning, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, Post carpet cleaning, Hot water extraction.

    All these processes do work well to some extent but also at the same time have some difficulties making some customers happy. Some of the problems that I have had in the past were : carpet was too wet, carpet smells during drying, carpet wet for 24 or 48 hours, left over dirty water in customers toilet, need to get 100's of gallons of water from customers bathtub, Carpets get dirty faster after the carpet is cleaned from left over residue, The Padding gets wet and moldy smells arrive in basements, a strong smell of chemicals, chemicals not safe for children and pets, Chemical-Clean leaves chemicals in carpet, Carpet shrinking, carpet buckling, and carpet damage.

    I have asked other carpet cleaners if they share this concern and what they do in situations like this and I really did not like the answers that I received from other cleaning professionals. The answer that most other cleaners  gave me was "That  is why we have insurance", or "what can we do?"  I thought to myself What can we do? That's why we have insurance? In-other words that's the customers problem. That did NOT sit right to me. My customers are important to me. I need a better way!

I found a better way, my old and new clients love this new process for cleaning carpet. Why? I will list only a few reasons here, --1. Carpets are cleaned with a 100% an all natural cleaning agent (so safe I can drink it) -- 2. Carpet cleaned  and dried in only 3 hours --3. Carpets look like new again    --4. stained area's are removed --5. Traffic area's are like new and pile has been lifted and restored --6. A-Allergy Cleaning process. --7. Great results on older and newer generation carpets and safe for Stainmaster as-well as Scotch-Guarded Carpets --8. The Bottom line is carpets look and smell new with the safest cleaning process in the world!

 I have have a lot of success, I have worked very hard to find and perfect this carpet cleaning process that not only gets the carpet cleaner then any other process but it utilizes ingredients from Mother Nature. A truly win win situation for everyone for everyone.

My Promise to You: If you are disappointed in any way, we will clean it again Free . If you are still not completely 100% SATISFIED AND THRILLED, We (you and I together) will hire a different carpet cleaning service and if they can do something that I was not able to do, then I will Not Only Refund Your Money, I will also pay the other carpet cleaning service. You will not be charged. Not one cent. What could be more fair than that?

The rest of this site was created to be a valuable information resource.  It was designed to provide you with KNOWLEDGE:

bulletWHY indoor air quality is important.
bulletWHY your carpet needs regular cleaning.
bulletWHY real health issues are involved.

It will help you make an informed, intelligent decision on who you can trust to come into your home. Please take advantage of the wealth of information contained in these pages, especially the information found on the pages, FOR YOUR HEALTH and NEW VISITORS.

By the way, we use only soft water to clean your carpet. This really does make a difference. Click here to learn why.

Also, learn the facts about what the carpet manufacturers are saying about cleaning your carpets...

You've probably heard all the stories that the "Splash-n-Dash" carpet cleaners tell.  Now see for yourself what the manufacturers have to say about cleaning their carpeting!
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